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We are a small batch , Edmonton Alberta based chocolatier. Everything is made fresh and by hand.  Though we used to attend many local markets to showcase our products, our current pandemic has made this impossible . Currently  we are asking that customers send us an email with the  number and type of products they would like to order, and  have been fulfilling requests this way. We have been arranging a site for pick up, or to meet somewhere mutually agreeable to distribute products. Payment by etransfer to baetzchocolates@gmail.com has worked very well during the pandemic. 

*  In the past we have participated in special events/ fund raisers and corporate gifts. Please contact us if  if you have such a project coming up-  we'd be happy to assist! 

New 20 piece luxury  truffle box


Our 20 piece Truffle variety box will wow your chocolate loving friends and family! 

Premium 20 Truffle Box
$ 75.00 
**  Please note these require preorder to assure this European style packaging is available. 

16 piece Truffle Box

IMG_6496 3.jpg

Our 16 box includes 4 pieces  each of four different flavors .  The photos here show a representation . Unique flavors and designs are frequently being offered in addition to some of the traditional favorites such as expresso, salted caramel, raspberry and dark chocolate.

IMG_6498 3.jpg
Premium European Design
       Rigid Box     $55

9 piece Truffle Box

P1630892 2.jpg

Similar to our 16 box  though typically includes 3 each of 3 flavors. Sometimes are able to accomodate 9 different flavors.  Again, the photos here show a representation . Shown is the "standard" box, though a black rigid box similar to the white box above is available.

Standard box                                   $27
Premium rigid box                         $32 

Hot Cocoa Bombs:


Our cocoa bombs are made with rich Belgian Chocolate and are large enough to make 2 luscious drinks! 

Boxed Holiday Bomb:    $10

Sponge Candy


Simple yet elegant , a collection of 5 truffles in a unique lavender box. 

Everyone's favourite seasonal treat!  Only available in winter months.
   1/4 pound bags:     $  8 
   1/2 pound bags:     $ 16
   1  pound  bags:      $ 30

4 piece Truffle Box

Boxed set:    $15

IMG_6465 3.jpg

A beautiful way to let someone know you are thinking of them... Our new metallic elegant square box with clear lid showcases the truffles inside. ​

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